FLOW Data 2012

Other Issues

2012, July 23 - Express Lane Automation

2012, August 5 – Shift the beginning of the NB switch from 1:00pm to 1:30pm with planned opening at 1:45pm.

2012, may 1 – Remaining I-90 ATM EB turned on.


1) From 1/22/12, for several months (From WSDOT "What’s Happening Now" webpage 2/14/12):

West Lake Sammamish Parkway: A section of West Lake Sammamish Parkway damaged by a mudslide on Jan. 22 will likely reopen in late March or early April. The city of Bellevue is working on repairing the street. As a result of the closure, Interstate 90 is experiencing increased pressure and congestion. (Possible I-90 congestion effects from Jan. 22 through construction period; note though that SR 520 tolling effects might make cause-effect difficult to determine)

City of Bellevue web page: http://www.bellevuewa.gov/wlsp-to-reopen.htm

2) Federal Way I-5 at SR 18: overhead girder installation Feb 2012, completion planned in 2012 (possible benefits for I-5 travel, because of improved merge): http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/News/2012/02/12_TriangleGirders.htm http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/projects/i5/sr18sr161ic